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C++ Puntuators

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The following characters are used as puntuators (also known as seperators) in C++ :

[ ] ( ) { } , ; : * ... + #

Brackets [ ] Opening and closing brackets indicate single and multidimensional array subscripts.
Parentheses ( ) Opening and closing parantheses indicates function calls and function parameters.
Parantheses also group expressions.
Braces { } Opening and closing braces indicate the start and end of the compound statement.
Comma , It is used as a seperator in a function argument list.
Semicolon ; It is used a statement terminator.
Colon : It indicates a labeled statement.
Asterisk * It is used for pointer declaration
Ellipsis ... Ellipsis (...) are used in formal argument list of function prototype to indicate a variable number of argument .
Equal to sign = It is used for variable initialisation and as a assignment operator in expressions.
Pound sign # The pound sign (#) is used for preprocessor directive and double pound sign (##) is also used as operators to perform token replacement and merging during the preprocessor scanning phase.
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