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Semester VI

Bsc.Physical Science Computer Science (CBCS) Programs

JAVA Script

1. Create a student registration form. Create functions to perform the following checks:
    a. Roll number is a 7-digit numeric value
    b. Name should be an alphabetical value(String)
    c. Non-empty fields like DOB
2. Implement a static password protection.
3. Write a java script
    a. To change the colour of text using SetTimeOut()
    b. To move an image across screen using SetInterval()

JAVA Programs

1. WAP to find the largest of n natural numbers.
2. WAP to find whether a given number is prime or not.
3. WAP to print the sum and product of digits of an Integer and reverse the Integer.
4. Write a program to create an array of 10 integers. Accept values from the user in that
   array. Input another number from the user and find out how many numbers are equal to
   the number passed, how many are greater and how many are less than the number passed.
5. Write java program for the following matrix operations:
    a. Addition of two matrices
    b. Summation of two matrices
    c. Transpose of a matrix
    Input the elements of matrices from user
6. Write a java program that computes the area of a circle, rectangle and a Cylinder using
   function overloading.


1. Create a table 'Student' and 'Teacher' in 'College' database and insert two rows in this
   newly created table using JDBC API and do the following:
    a. Update an already created table 'Teacher' in 'College' database by updating a
       teacher's name, with "Dr." appended before the name, whose name is "Rita".
    b. Repeat the same thing for all the teachers using PreparedStatement.
    c. Delete the student with ID=3 from 'Student' database.
    d. Insert two students to the ResultSet returned by the query which selects all students
       with FirstName="Ayush". The database must also get updated along with

JSP Practical List

1.Display the pattern:
    1 2
    1 2 3
 Take 'n' in a textbox from user. Display this pattern using
    a. Scriptlets
    b. <c:forEach> loop
2. Make two files as follows:
    a. main.html: shows 2 text boxes and 3 radio buttons with values "addition",
       "subtraction" and "multiplication"
    b. operate.jsp: depending on what the user selects perform the corresponding function
       (Give two implementations: using request.getParameter() and using expression
3. Validate User input entered in a form. The input must include Name, DOB, Email ID, Lucky
   Number, Favorite food etc. (Refer Chapter 8)
4. Display Good Morning <uname>, Good Afternoon <uname> or Good Evening <uname>
   based on the current time of the day.
5. Create your custom library which contains two tags: <hello>, <choco>.
   Usage of the tags: 
    a. <hello name="Ajay">: Output should be Hello Ajay. It contains a mandatory attribute
      ‘name’ which can accept Dynamic value.
    b. <choco texture="Chewy">: Output should be FiveStar, BarOne.
      <choco texture="Crunchy">: Output should be Munch. KitKat.
    That means the mandatory attribute must accept a value, and based on the attributes value, it
    should give output. You must use a bean ChocoBean for this purpose.
We are also providing complete project file (Internet Technologies) of semester VI with output. Click here to Download.

Android Programs

1. Create "Hello World" application. That will display “Hello World” in the middle of the
   screen in the emulator. Also display “Hello World” in the middle of the screen in the
   Android Phone.
2. Create an application with login module. (Check username and password).
3. Create spinner with strings taken from resource folder (res >> value folder) and on
   changing the spinner value, Image will change.
4. Create a menu with 5 options and and selected option should appear in text box.
5. Create a list of all courses in your college and on selecting a particular course teacher-incharge
   of that course should appear at the bottom of the screen.
6. Create an application with three option buttons, on selecting a button colour of the screen
   will change.
7. Create and Login application as above. On successful login, pop up the message.
8. Create an application to Create, Insert, update, Delete and retrieve operation on the
We are also providing complete project file (Android) of semester VI with output. Click here to Download.